I’ve listened to a lot of CEOs, entrepreneurs, and start-up founders give advice. One theme I heard repeated was the need to be mindful about taking care of themselves, (i.e. sleep more, eat healthy, exercise, meditate etc.)

They talk a lot about balancing physical and mental needs – but what I think they are really talking about it energy.

Fundamental to my approach to business (and life) is the idea that both our physical world and our spiritual mental world is composed of energy – the one nourishes the other. The way to get that is through alignment – which leads to balance (not the other way around)

Doing good creates exponential energy

When I am feeling low it’s generally because I’ve been gnawing at a problem too long. I’m out of alignment focusing too hard on myself, the past, or a problem I can’t quite crack. Shifting my focus outward, and helping others find their energy, energizes me and often is just the right shift for me to gain more energy myself or a new insight into my own issues.

So think about that the next time you feel super crappy. Instead of wallowing and binge watching Netflix – get out of the house and volunteer, call a friend and listen, or send someone a thank you card or little present on-line (and then binge watch Netflix – Stranger Things and Sens8 were both awesome.)