Seth Godin probably understands the exponential economy better than anyone. If you don’t follow his blog you should – it’s a great mix of common sense and inspiration. I saw him speak in 2004, at Yale School of Management about the idea virus and have been following him ever since.

He literally wrote the book on Community, in addition to his blog he has an entire section of “free stuff” with amazing resources for entrepreneurs.

He’s been a leader in digital marketing for a long time and I’m fairly certain he’s done it all from consulting, to courses, to community building, through to social media. He also responds to e-mails (or at least someone from his team does) and used to play ultimate frisbee – both of which earn him gold stars in my book.

The one thing I would warn you about, especially if you are just getting started, don’t be freaked out thinking you have to check all the boxes the way he does.

The dude’s been doing this since before the internet.

The great thing about starting in 2016 is there are some many amazing tools that make you look like a pro out of the box. You don’t need to sweat “the how,” you get to focus on “the what.  Go you!

btw – I learned from Seth that you don’t need to write a big huge book to get your point across or to sell.