“git ‘er done”

Working with innovators, I’ve learned the importance of rapid prototyping. To make improvements you need something to respond to – it doesn’t need to be fully formed and perfect out the gate. I often coach clients on giving up control and perfection, in favor of hustle.

I love testing ideas. Actually what I love is the energy positive feedback gives me. To get that you have to put yourself out there and risk looking stupid. In fact get comfortable with looking stupid, because really successful creative people have a ton of ideas, good and bad – and since luck and timing has as much to do with success and anything, even good ideas will make you look stupid.

** Nerd Alert: One of my creative heroes is Leonardo DaVinci – regretted having never finished anything (nope not even La Jocande). And so we have to settle for his sketches, which is no big deal because they’re gorgeous on their own. ***

Failing is easy, failing is doing nothing and not trying. Finishing stuff can be hard, letting go of ego and the need for perfection. It also helps to start small, doing was is manageable, I.e. minimal to make your point.

This page from the Crossroads of Should and Must is a great place to start.


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Now go make your art!