Working with a coach and practicing coaching myself, I’m keyed into certain triggers that indicate limiting beliefs. I wish I could as easily ctrl+H (replace) my limiting phrases in my real life as easily as I do on my computer. In particular, whenever I hear the word “but” from my clients, who are uniformly amazing folks, I often ask them to check themselves.

“But” is often a passive acknowledgment of an obstacle. It is often an assumption or an unasked question,  an excuse not to be amazing.  Basically, “buts” are lame.*

In contrast,  “ands” are exponential, they are magical critters that open up possibilities connect ideas and are gateways for creativity.

If you can alter the language you use, you can change the way you think, the way you interact with reality and ultimate can transform your life.

Consider the energy behind statements like the ones below:

  • I want to make a change but this thing is holding me back.
  • I am good at many things but I’m not perfect.

Against statements like:

  • I want to change and I know there are challenges so I am starting to assess them and then I will make a plan.
  • I’m good at many things and while I’m not perfect, I’m on my way.

*Not to be confused with “Butts” … which are awesome. Darn it now I have Sir Mix-a-lot stuck in my head.

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