TEDx MidAtlantic was great. The event took place in Washington, DC – literally around the corner from where my writing group meets on Monday, which was oddly comforting. At the after party I was chatting with David Troy one of the co-organizers. He said after organizing several of these events, he believes,

the value of a TED event is not just the ideas and the talks but the opportunity to connect with the larger TED tribe.

I couldn’t agree more.screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-11-42-33-am The theme this year was “New Rules” and the event design had a dissonant almost subversive feel.  The imagery included inverted iconic architecture which fit the current emotional environment of what has been a particularly, painful election year.

What I enjoyed about the talks— 50 plus speakers in the course of a day and a half—was that despite these challenges I kept hearing the same themes reiterated. Truths like love, connection, courage, resiliency, the need to help others, and to be curious. I heard these connected ideas coming from policy analysts, architects, lawyers, chefs, artists, dancers, florists, and entertainers —different facets of the same universal truth.

I was also surprised which speakers resonated the most with me. Over the next few days, I’ll share my notes and perspectives and makes sure to update it with the video links to the talks that most inspired me with the hope that they inspire you.