I’ll just say it, I don’t always enjoy trying new things. Take today for example. Yesterday I was told about a women’s entrepreneurial event – for THIS morning – ugh so last minute. FORTUNATELY, I had a lunch conflict, UNFORTUNATELY that conflict canceled last night and I was suddenly free with unclaimed time and no excuse.

Part of my “anxiety” related to going to these types of events is that I am not always convinced they are a good use of time – which is totally valid. I’m still in the early stages of determining how I want to calculate ROI. The ambiguity, which is part and parcel for early stage incubation, is painful. It is driving me nuts, not having a crystal clear product and elevator pitch as I experiment and refine my offering. I was also worried it was going to be “salesy” and that I wouldn’t like anyone. To get myself out the door, I reminded myself that being uncomfortable is a good thing.

The event was hosted by Her Corner which develops Peer Groups for Women Entrepreneurs. I’m happy to report it was kind of awesome. First not brag but the experience was a validation of a lot of what I write about in exponential strategy and a great example of community building.  And I came away with several great contacts, potential betas, collaborators, and a TON of inspiration and validation.

Lessons Learned (and Remembered)

  • Let your fear guide you
  • If you offer an open class for free – try to let the experience sell itself
  • Don’t discount inspiration as a metric
  • Get your pitch down (even, especially? if you haven’t launched)
  • Just keep moving – it’s a process