I’ve struggled writing anything after this year’s election on these pages (not on facebook where I have been astounded by the insensitivity of “friends.”) First let me say, I don’t dislike conservatives, in fact, I have a lot in common with them. However, I think it’s clear from this website that I believe in radical generosity, community, and empathy. I am now what many on the right would demonize as a “liberal intellectual elite.” I worked hard for those creds, paid for them out of my own pocket – and I will not let blowhards minimize the understanding and insight I that I earned from investing in myself.

I recognized that a lot of Republicans, Christians, and even conservatives are as horrified by this election as I am. I am however struggling with the number of conservatives that can ignore their candidate’s misogyny and that have no empathy for those groups that are literally AFRAID for their lives. I am struggling to make sense of their inability to listen and inform themselves, as well as their gullibility. Correction, there is no “making sense” of this, there is only the ability to come to terms with their lack of compassion and what I am sure will prove to be a horrendous and embarrassing mistake as well as to reaffirm my own commitment to share ideas, shine, and serve.

If that offends you, you are not part of my community and that is ok.