Our justice system is not always just or fair.

Anyone who has been paying attention in the last few years cannot deny this, just as they can not deny the system reflects the biases of the people that make up our nation.

Ronald Sullivan told story after story of legal cases where his team performed due diligence, reviewing files, finding receipts, record, and accounts and using data and to exonerate innocent men; men who had suffered unjust imprisonment for decades.  It was impossible not to cry hearing these stories of lives destroyed. Men who could have been exonerated if just one person had spoken up against the injustice of a coerced confession, or misplaced evidence. Ronald’s talk reminds me that we cannot create rules and processes to force people to be kind or to be just.

We can invite them to participate in creating that justice. We can build a culture of kindness and justice. To that end, I extend to you the same invitation Ronald extended me. Consider:

  1. What justice will you create today?
  2. What kindness will you share?
  3. How can you model a better, kinder, more just world – right now?

My answer to this is to work with OpenIdeo participating in a challenge on how to reduce incarceration in Washington, D.C. as well as to help the Incarceration to Incorporation legislature  (dc463) secure funding and suggest a delivery model.

I also believe in micro-kindnesses as a form of justice delivery, offering community yoga, volunteer for career coaching for immigrants, even something as simple as smiling and acknowledging your neighbors, even and especially when they don’t look like you.

speak up | lift up | be brave


From 2016 TEDx MidAtlantic 

Ronald Sullivan – Criminal Justice Reformer @ProfRonSullivan