“Distraction and Indecision are Dream Killers” ~ said every Self-Help Life Coach Guru ever (and probably even Warren Buffet at some point.)

I recently went over my goals with my writing coach for finishing The Secret Life of Caroline Bingley. Currently, my goal (which I’m on target to hit) is to finish up Part 2 by Mid July and Part 3 by end of August – giving me a 90K word first draft.

“That’s pretty ambitious.” She told me, especially balancing my client projects. I grinned and kept my mouth shut. The truth is I was downplaying how much time MATAGI is taking, or that sometimes I sneak in work on other writing projects.

I’m deep in the “start-up” phase of things and right now getting the MicroIncubation workshop is taking a lot of energy.

I tell people ALL THE TIME, that they must focus. And yet it’s the best piece of advice, I consistently ignore. I have no good excuse. Here’s the thing, as long as I finish what I start – I tend to give myself a pass.

Admittedly this is insane and risky from one perspective.

But not when you consider that my real priority is to manifest my calling, which is to listen and manifest my ideas. I have a lot of ideas and the more I ACT, the more ideas I have. I also believe that if you don’t take the muse’s dictation when she swings by, she’s gonna stop coming ‘round. To me that is too valuable a gift to squander.

So, my advice is when you CHOOSE not to limit your focus, is to get leverage, find and pay for support. I also recommend practicing a ton of self-care, to stay strong and energetic both mentally, physically, and emotionally.  You do need to work FAST and get stuff done. When you finish and manifest your vision for others to see it, others can support you and help get you to a place where what you do is sustainable.

Fire it up baby! You got this!

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