I’m great at customer service, and by “customer”, I mean nearly everyone in my business ecosystem, internal and external. For most of my career, I was all about going “above and beyond”, anticipating needs, and “being nice.” (This makes sense especially given research out there that suggests women especially benefit from being perceived as nice.)

As I’ve launched MATAGI, I’ve had to “cut back” on over-serving customers, and set boundaries to preserve my and my team’s time and priorities.

To tell you the truth, I’m actually thankful for the constraints, in the past I may have overcommunicated with a customer, in the process delaying my response and been over concerned that they might take offense at my “brusqueness.”

It helped when I realized that I don’t want to work with people who are going to be easily offended. There are other high touch companies and people who prove value by coddling their clients, MATAGI just isn’t one of them.

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