I admit I am a total weirdo. I get bored really easily and one of my “growth areas” – i.e. “what I suck at” – is savoring my victories. My credo has always been “don’t rest on your laurels.”  I’m always looking for the next challenge, looking to grow, learn stretch myself.

A lot of folks are similar,  looking to the future, striving, working, pushing for more. Us “weirdos” are in love with the process of work. Of you course, you may be read this and think “that doesn’t sound so bad.” However, in my opinion.

This attitude holds folks back and actually takes away value.

When we fail to own our success, we leave a ton of energetic currency on the table, which affects our confidence and eventually decision-making.  By minimizing our successes, we are creating an imbalance in our perception of reality. Because on the flip side creative weirdos often dissect (in excruciating detail) failures, i.e. problems that need fixing – giving far more weight to the negative.

Understandably, a completed puzzle is far less interesting than a hot mess.

Still, we all must at some point communicate our value.  A skewed view of one’s value leads to fewer opportunities. Fewer opportunities mean the world is deprived of your gift – and that is the real tragedy.

So celebrate your damn successes, already.

Take a moment after every project, celebrate what you learned, celebrate doing the work according to your values, celebrate when you hit your targets, celebrate showing up, celebrate every success…

… because not becoming the rock star you are meant to be is a tragedy.

Shine on!


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