For years when I spoke about ultimate Frisbee, I’d refer to it vaguely as “a sport.” Like my comic book collection, Frisbee always felt too fringe and out of the mainstream to explain. From 1997 through 2008 I played on a variety of competitive club teams making it all the way to U.S. Club Nationals, in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2007, and 2008.

For a time, ultimate was my bliss.

A now ex-boyfriend once told me that I was too intense. To him, it seemed when I played, ultimate was work. To be honest, I had no idea what the problem was. I told him, “Hell yeah! It’s work!” (It also probably explains why we didn’t last.)

In New York, teams still chant:

New York! Do Work! New York! Do Work! New York! Do Work!

I get fired up just thinking about it.

I learned so much on the field, about; grit, friendship, leadership, teamwork, confidence, and setting goals. Competing internationally expanded the way I think about my place in my world, connecting me with an unbelievable community.  Ultimate transformed me. It’s even impacted how I think about art and that magical state of flow.

You see, when your team is clicking, ultimate players call that “flow.” It is a force of nature and a thing of beauty.  I mean, look at me I’m 5’ 3”, I’m not really above average physically – but I’m smart, and I can practice and I can train and I got skills. I know, when I’m surrounded by my teammates, my soulmates, in the flow, we are unstoppable.

Ultimate taught me that’s what want. I don’t want “fun”. I want more.

I want bliss.

I want flow.



Inspired by: What Play Can Teach Us



Shout out to all my teammates from: Sol, Philly Peppers, Donkey Bomb, Animal, 7Express, Ambush, BLU and all the good folks at WAFC, WUDI, and PADA. xoxo