We launched our first Kickstarter!

This came out of initial mini incubation sessions with a handful of MATAGI artists. It started with a simple idea. What stories do our things tell? More importantly, can we create mindful artifacts that help folks to align and connect with their truth and ideals? Below is our response to those questions.

About this Kickstarter.

I think we can all agree that 2016 was not a great year for women. I was watching the way women were treated in the news and media – and I felt as the kids say “triggered.” For pretty much my entire life I have sucked up “TIGHTROPE” feedback – you may know it by other names like the double bind, gaslighting, or just know it as the tension between being seen as a bitch or a pushover, a harpy or cream puff.

It was 2016 for f-s sake! How was this still a thing! So I mediated, which is what I do when my blood gets hot and like Uma I know better than to speak when I’m angry. I asked the question of the universe. “What kind of woman has permission to be strong?” The answer came to me from nature – mama bears.

After considerable study and research, I found out that I wasn’t alone in my ability to fiercely advocate for others – while coming across as milquetoast when advocating for myself. In fact, there was plenty of science that seemed to indicate this was pretty common!  I was fed up and decided I needed something to remind me of my right to be fierce but also let others know, I wasn’t going to choose between bitch or sweetheart I was both and that was a good thing!!




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  1. I am now one of your regulars and I look forward to your engaging posts! Love,

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