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What is “The Career Habit”

An affordable coaching option that will empower people to take control of their career; to have an impact – in a way that is both kind and direct.

What’s the problem

Legacy career coaching services (either through school or even one-on-one career coaches) is often “one size fits all.” Career coaches often make assumptions, and frankly aren’t very empathetic or “human-centered.” It’s frustrating that their advice and facts/figures do not account for diversity and 1st generation challenges. Also, old-school coaching often is dated and does not take into account the future of work or the current research on positive psychology.
Career maintenance is like an MBA for your career. It prepares folks for an on-demand future with non-automated skills (robots and AI) and mindset tools for confidence, decision-making, networking and leading.

So what services are actually included in the “program”

  • Career assessment
  • 30-minute 1-1 review of your assessment results with custom recommendations.
  • Career Maintenance Workbook (pdf)
  • Career Maintenance Strategy E-book (August)
  • Video Lessons
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Facebook Group
  • Weekly Q&A with coaches


Q: What’s this cost?

Typically an hour of one-one coaching goes for $100, $200, $300 & up. A typical “career coaching package costs $800 and up and is little more than a resume edit and cover letter review.

Value is not based on price.

Instead of fixating on “how much” career coaching typically costs (in terms of money, time and effort). Really think about the value coaching can create for you. Ask:

  • How much is it worth to you to feel confident navigating your career?
  • How much would it be worth to be able to negotiate a higher raise?
  • How much is it worth to get a promotion faster?
  • To be happier in your current job?
  • To understand your worth and claim it?
  • To launch a side business?
  • To find your business partners and collaborators?

Q: Ok, but seriously what is the cost?

A: The beta program will be DONATION BASED. Meaning if you are accepted into the beta cohorts you can choose how much you pay. Beta participants are expected to be engaged and provide kind but honest/direct feedback on content!! Also be a bit forgiving! Finally, they are expected to refer other adventurous, kind, impact-driven people.
Eventually, this may be a subscription service (probably between $10 – $25 a month). The goal is for participants to get a full year of group coaching and on-demand support for less than 2 hours of “normal” one-on-one coaching.

Q: So can we pay nothing?

A: Nope – you do have to pay something. For good reason, according to studies, when people pay money (even $1)  they are more likely to engage and put in the effort that will actually make the process a success.
Additional benefits in addition to bragging rights (obviously)
  • Early access & the ability to offer “priority” invitations
  • 1-1 coaching discounts to recommended coaches
  • If you sign up during the beta period – your “price” will ALWAYS be donation based – even if this thing blows up and we become the size of Netflix.
  • Finally, you will get sneak previews of new material and events!

Q: Where can I sign up