Americans need to learn to separate entertainment from news and politics as a bloodsport. “How” the news is presented is as important as what is and what is not presented. Start to notice the words, the tone, and the emotion that is evoked.

Storytellers and novelists want to evoke a reaction and conflict creates drama. Media often uses these same techniques to draw attention. I’m not suggesting I know where the exact line is — but I do think we need to be aware of how and when these techniques are used, and to choose our news according.

Check out these headlines from a fake news source I found on Facebook. They make it clear what the viewer should think with terms like “slam” and “exploit” and “blaming.”  More than that they are generating the conflict between liberals and their viewers.  (fact: as a “liberal” I have never blamed Trump for the weather). Watching the actual video – the tone and intonation is theatrical at best.

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