Look what I found at the library book sale for $1 – a Brené Brown book I haven’t read! Honestly, this feels almost magical at this moment of my life.

Page One

You know a book is going to shake things up when you read, on the first page… “[re: false dichotomies], the first question we should ask is who benefits by forcing people to choose.”

OMG!!! What a great question! #meta

Many of you know I how I feel about double binds, and how too often it’s a cheap negotiation ploy by folks in power to tell “subordinates” they are too “this” or too “that” — never just right.

Getting greedy — asking for both!

As a creative and human — once we move beyond the basics, we have the opportunity for growth. And that is all about the “yes, and” combining, including — and creating something new.

Anyone out there have a good “yes, and” story?

I’d love to hear it!