I met one of my literary heroes last week, John Scalzi. Whoever said, “you should never meet your heroes” has obviously never stalked their heroes on Twitter for five years before crashing their friend’s book signing (I’m guessing.) 

It was lovely. We spoke a bit about politics, his wife’s skin care regimen, Mary Shelley, the historical roots of science fiction and troll-y fanboys. He added to my theory that successful writers have kick ass spouses as first readers. Finally, we discussed whether writing fiction and non-fiction at the same time was weird. Gloriously he opined that it helped him, shifting gears between them, he said actually helped. That little insight helped me feel just a little less crazy for trying to do the same.

//In case you missed it here is an Early 5K draft of The Orchid and Preview of Caroline Bingley//

Sadly I was too in the moment to take pictures of the lovely Loyalty books. Just this tweet after the moment – which Scalzi liked — thus releasing me of my filial obligation. 

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