After a few months of searching (for a job, new client, date/love), have you ever felt, thought or said, “there are just nothing out there” – no good job, clients, dates, etc.

That’s totally normal*

I struggle sometimes with “mindfulness” and the woo-woo-iness of it all. My dad’s in construction, and at heart, I’m a bit skeptical of the woo. Recently, however, I came across this example from Deepak Chopra – which helped me make sense of the new age-y idea of how our inner world is reflected in our outer world.

Chopra shares this story.  In ancient times, a hunter in the east might go to his shaman to help with his hunting. He would not complain that there was no game in the woods, because of course there was game. Instead, the shaman would help the hunter look inside himself for that was driving away game, preventing him from finding or even seeing the game – perhaps holding him back from going as far as he needed to go.

Applying this to today. Think about what it is that you seek that perhaps you don’t have right now. If there is no doubt it exists, what shifts in yourself can you make to see that which is hidden?

Notice how your doubts, fears, energy may be driving away that which you want most.

Slow down, create space, manage your energy and open up.

Bon courage.

* based on my very unscientific non-random sampling.