One of the ways I access and practice EQ/Mindfulness is through a regular yoga and meditation* practice. Obviously, doing yoga in a studio under the guidance of an instructor – is great. Sharing energy and community has benefits for the relational nature of our brains, that neuroscience is starting to document. I suspect you can probably feel it – without needing MRIs to document it.

However, making it to class is simply not accessible for many folks, both in terms of time, accessibility, schedule and money. I love community and donation-based classes, like Yoga to the People – but again those are often limited to Urban centers. Fortunately, some of the best yoga teachers have classes on YouTube. Below are some of my favorite resources. 

They are worth checking out even if you have a regular practice and even if you’ve watched them before. Four years into teaching, revisiting old resources reveals nuances I missed the first few times.

Check out these channels – and when you are ready – set aside some time** to go down your own rabbit hole.

YouTube Yoga

More Terms to Explore:

Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Chakra, Tibetan Singing Bowls

* Meditation, technically is part of “Yoga” – however in the U.S. we head yoga and think of the exercise – which is why I’m clarifying it.
** I like to set a timer so that I can mindfully explore. 

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