There are a lot of reasons why the job hunt drains us of energy and in worse case situations lead to burnout. The FLOW LIST from – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyis research – creates flow.

It can also identify what blocks flow.

For example:

  1. Lack of Clarity. A lot of job seekers are not clear on what exactly the role they want is. The clearer you can be, about what it is you want to, the title, the location, the activities – the easier it is to find that role.
  2. Poor Skills/Challenge “Fit.” Looking for a job requires salesmanship. Most of us never trained to be sales people. The good news is being good as sales – requires the same skills as being a good friend. Good friends, connect, communicate and have each others back. Most of us want to be a good friend – so reframe the job search as an opportunity to get good at being a friend
  3. Lack of Feedback. OMFG — this one really gets me. Ghosting by companies and recruiters is real. many HR companies are too scared for legal reasons to offer feedback. Honestly, only the very best companies are brave enough to do this. People who don’t give feedback are jerks, that’s on them not on you. That said when you do get feedback, be grateful and if it’s useful, adapt.

That’s just three of the nine principle of Flow. If we walk through the other six (i.e. Distractions, Ego crushing, Lack of Control, Lack of Focus, Lack of Care ect.), it’s no wonder that most of us hate job hunting. All that to say,

Stop beating yourself up. Seriously.

Finding a job takes a lot of energy and stamina. You don’t have to do it alone.

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Stay Awesome,