Thanks for attending my DC Start-Up Week Presentation.
>>> Here is a copy of the presentation.

Staying connected.

First – Email me directly to enter the raffle for my book, Applied Flow: Stop Burnout. Be Awesome.

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>>> Link to the book on Amazon – Nerd Alert: there is a psychologically related reason it is priced at $5.01

If you want to keep up with my writing and other projects…

Professionally the best way to reach me is LinkedIn. Please send me a note in your connection request. Not only am I more likely to accept your request, later on we can quickly remember that we met during DC Start-Up Week!! #oldpeoplememoryhacks

You can also follow this blog and if you like nerdy cartoons, find me on instagram.

Upcoming Events I’m Excited To Host…

+ October 1 – Creative Mornings Field Trip – Finding Your Unique Flow
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+ October 31 – C.Anon – Collaborative Fiction Workshop
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