“There is a saying in the Tibetan scriptures: “Knowledge must be burned, hammered, and beaten like pure gold. Then one can wear it as an ornament.” So when you receive spiritual instruction from the hands of another, you do not take it uncritically, but you burn it, you hammer it, you beat it, until the bright, dignified color of gold appears. Then you craft it into an ornament, whatever design you like, and you put it on.”

― Chögyam Trungpa, Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism

I re-discovered this quote this morning, after writing a very similar, although far less poetic, guideline for a workshop I’m facilitating this afternoon. This quote embodies FLOW and the state of navigating the balanced peak as well as the notion that knowledge must be APPLIED, molded, tested, conformed, and explored to suit our own needs.

It also demonstrates that flow is everywhere we are, we just have to look.

Photo by Robert van der Sluijs on Unsplash