I’m excited to announce that I am working with CAnon – a diverse collective of published authors on a shared world collaborative anthology.  As such I have been authorized to invite others to submit a short story for Volume One of the Ghost Virus. 

What kind of writers are we looking for? A writer who enjoys writing (and reading) character-driven scifi, horror or speculative fiction, can finish a story and is eager to share a fresh perspective. 

Why participate?

Here are some of the reasons those already in the CAnon have chosen to participate. 

  • Reason 1 –  It’s fun. We enjoy writing and/or can’t help it. In particular we are interested and enjoy speculative fiction, suspense and/or horror. 
  • Reason 2 Marketing. This is the most practical reason to submit a short story to this collection. Stories that are selected into the CAnon and published in this anthology — have the opportunity to connect with a broader audience than we, as indiviudal authors can normally reach. Also publishing as part of an anthology reduces the downsides to publishing a full novel (time and money spent) — amplifies the upsides i.e. shared networks/marketing and reduces the risk of failure. 
  • Reason 3 Collaboration. Collaboration enables us to find and connect with other freelance writers and editors. Sort of it like going on a group date – we can totally be casual as we check everyone out (… ohhh you like the oxford comma? I like oxford commas.) 
  • Reason 4 Get Published! We are also getting in on the ground floor of a new venture . If all goes well we’ll even get the t-shirt to prove we were here before “here” was sorta cool.
  • Reason 5 – The Dolla Dolla Bills. Finally we might make some money. This is a commercial enterprise and our INTENTION is to make money for everyone. That said money isn’t our sole or even main focus, at least not with our writing hat on (we also think that writers should have both a business hat and writing hat). For more about that we’ll have a separate hard core nerd out session on how extrinsic motivation kills creativity – or you can just watch Dan Pink’s Ted Talk.  

Interested? Here’s what you do. 

If you know someone that might be interested please feel free to send them this link . 

The session will be recorded so even if you can’t attend please sign up anyway so you can get the recording. The first info and writing sprint is scheduled for Oct 31 – for obvious reasons. (ghosts, + halloween + blue moon!) 




Photo credit goes to Stefano Pollio on Unsplash

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