Folks often preface a request with that phrase. Heck I’ve been known to preface a request like that. 
Maybe it’s the pandemic, or maybe it’s turning forty but the truth is I’m generally not “busy.” That is not to say that I don’t have plenty of work to do and more things to do than I CAN EVER POSSIBLE FINISH EVER. That’s life. 

The reason I am not “busy” is in part because I am obsessed with working at the right speed and on priorities. When I’m busy it’s generally because I’ve decided to let someone else make me “busy.” Perhaps it’s a new client and the only way to assure them is to spend some time “hop to-ing” or perhaps I’m being a bit ambitious with conflicting events — and I don’t feel like choosing- – it happens. 

A polite lie is still a lie

Of course, being “busy” is a polite lie and often feels easier than saying that someone or their project is not a priority at the moment. 

Which makes me think of a quote I first heard from Brene Brown, which is that people with healthy boundaries respect other people’s healthy boundaries. I hope to be the former and to surround myself with the latter. 

So no, please don’t assume I am busy. Actually, let’s stop normalizing busy either as a state of being or as an excuse. Also no need to be deferential or polite– just be clear and kind — ask for what you need and honor boundaries. 

Cool? Cool.