Like many people, the pandemic was an opportunity to pause, take a step back and reflect.

Co-Vid disrupted my revenue streams and because of that I decided to go back to corporate consulting. For the most part i’ve enjoyed the work (in addition to the steady paycheck). I’m also fortunate that crappy situations often make the best stories.

While I’ve been banking a lot of content and ideas, today is the first time I’ve written on this blog in a long time. One area I find myself drawn to is writing to folks just starting out. So with that in mind, I’ve decided to slightly pivot this space — writing about surviving and thriving in business. Basically lessons learned for folks people who are weird, sensitive, first-generation to corporate, low-income / working class, and/or not fitting in for invisible rule and unspoken reasons.

Stay tuned.

Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash

1 Comment on “It’s Been A Minute…

  1. Good for you Heather. I know from personal experience that you are a gifted communicator and have so much wisdom to share. Carry on!

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