I help people and organizations be awesome.


MATAGI started soon after I quit corporate America. I’d been bullied out of a job I once loved, and the innovation lab I’d helped start up. The frustration and shame from that experience affected my health, confidence and productivity. It would be many years before I realized that I was burnout, by a culture that was designed to block flow and control individuals power and agency.

Since then I learned that most folks want sustainable cultures where we can do our best work. Most people want to give and take, and teaming – and not mindless competition that reckless excludes and demoralizes people and talent. Leading companies understand that very well.

So I dug into the research on flow, creativity and motivation – combined it with game theory, competitive strategies and the mindfulness tools to create ACTIONABLE strategies for folks and teams to create sustainable energetic process, channel their attention and establish healthy boundaries because,

Life’s too short not to be awesome.

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