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The #Fearbucketproject

“Control is just an illusion … albeit a useful one.” – Me, mangling a much better quote by Einstein I’ve come across the idea that naming something scary makes it seem less scary. Intuitively this makes sense. I mean, it’s easier to tackle a problem if you know what it is. These days you can probably even google the solution. As “creative” people the challenge … Read More The #Fearbucketproject

Fear bucket: Stating the obvious

“That’s so obvious,” said with a thirteen year old snear. I’ll let you in on a fear of mine. I really hate repeating myself and making unoriginal and obvious statements. Two reasons for this include: When someone says obvious stuff to me, I find it condescending and inefficient My parents are good ol’ Virginians. I grew hearing them tell the same old stories over and … Read More Fear bucket: Stating the obvious