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2 ways to think about the value you bring

Recently while volunteering as a mock interviewer I was working with a young woman applying for legal librarian roles. She was qualified but some of her responses indicated a lack of confidence and fear about the perceived value of her role. Speaking about industry trends, she brought up how librarian services were often “the first to go” when cutbacks were being made. That may, … Read More 2 ways to think about the value you bring

What gets you out of bed?

Google returns 131 M results in 1.2 seconds for “reasons to get out of bed.” Most mornings I wake up before my alarm, which is set for 05:35 and my first thought is “I don’t want to miss the best part of the day.” To me that time between 6:00 and 9:00 is when I get my best writing done. It is the center … Read More What gets you out of bed?

The morning after …

I’ve struggled writing anything after this year’s election on these pages (not on facebook where I have been astounded by the insensitivity of “friends.”) First let me say, I don’t dislike conservatives, in fact, I have a lot in common with them. However, I think it’s clear from this website that I believe in radical generosity, community, and empathy. I am now what many … Read More The morning after …

Learn the Secret Handshake

I’ve screwed up my fair share of interviews, not because I didn’t know enough or wasn’t qualified, but because I didn’t know the “secret handshake.”  A friend who got a job at Colgate right after b-school told me, before her interview, an alumna told her to go to CVS and the A&P and study all the SKUs in the toothpaste category. That little piece … Read More Learn the Secret Handshake

Trump got something (sorta) right

“I would like to think she would find another career or find another company if that was the case,” Trump in response to what his daughter should do if she was sexually harassed. Politics aside that might actually be the smartest thing Trump has ever said. OBVIOUSLY many women (and people), can’t afford to simply quit their job when their employer acts like a bag … Read More Trump got something (sorta) right

The Poetry… & Trajedy of Nixon #TEDxMidAtlantic

Always remember, others may hate you, but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself. Bob Woodward ended his TED talk with this chilling quote from Nixon.  I’m not sure Stephen King could have written a better line. It’s at once poetic, tragic and human; a message and warning to those that come after. To grow we accept, … Read More The Poetry… & Trajedy of Nixon #TEDxMidAtlantic

TEDx MidAtlantic: Intentional Brain Demolition

  TEDx MidAtlantic was great. The event took place in Washington, DC – literally around the corner from where my writing group meets on Monday, which was oddly comforting. At the after party I was chatting with David Troy one of the co-organizers. He said after organizing several of these events, he believes, the value of a TED event is not just the ideas … Read More TEDx MidAtlantic: Intentional Brain Demolition

The 4 kinds of asking

  If there is one thing consultants like —as much as three bullet points, assessments, and roadmaps—it’s windowpane charts. Amanda explains in chapter 2 of the Art of Asking – that the difference between asking and begging is mutual respect. I’ve taken that idea and translated it into an understanding of “worthiness” which I plotted on the X-axis. Then I started thinking about entitlement, … Read More The 4 kinds of asking


The Underrated Art of Asking

Amanda’s Ted Talk back in 2013 “bulldozed a road down the center of my mind.” It resonated with one of those amazing “yeses” that occur when you come across a piece of profound truth. Her book expounds more fully on the art of asking, part memoir, part musical interlude, it’s a study in intimacy, vulnerability, artistry, connection and what it’s like to date Neil … Read More The Underrated Art of Asking


Mantra of the Week 10.17.16

This follows up on my last post about Amanda Palmer’s book, “The Art of Asking.” As discussed, asking for help is hard for me, for a number of reasons. Logically I understand that it is far more efficient and more can be achieved as a team than as an individual – but it’s difficult. This mantra reminds me to transform the way I think … Read More Mantra of the Week 10.17.16

The #Fearbucketproject

“Control is just an illusion … albeit a useful one.” – Me, mangling a much better quote by Einstein I’ve come across the idea that naming something scary makes it seem less scary. Intuitively this makes sense. I mean, it’s easier to tackle a problem if you know what it is. These days you can probably even google the solution. As “creative” people the challenge … Read More The #Fearbucketproject

Fear bucket: Stating the obvious

“That’s so obvious,” said with a thirteen year old snear. I’ll let you in on a fear of mine. I really hate repeating myself and making unoriginal and obvious statements. Two reasons for this include: When someone says obvious stuff to me, I find it condescending and inefficient My parents are good ol’ Virginians. I grew hearing them tell the same old stories over and … Read More Fear bucket: Stating the obvious