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Mantra for 10.24.16 – Coaching

It’s hard to explain why we coach, it’s like trying to explain why we live at all.  It’s that fundamental. Coaching is how we become infinite, how we love and give love. Once you learn how to fly you can’t help but want to share that knowledge. That is why we give back. There is no other reason beyond that simple truth. If you … Read More Mantra for 10.24.16 – Coaching


Mantra of the Week 10.17.16

This follows up on my last post about Amanda Palmer’s book, “The Art of Asking.” As discussed, asking for help is hard for me, for a number of reasons. Logically I understand that it is far more efficient and more can be achieved as a team than as an individual – but it’s difficult. This mantra reminds me to transform the way I think … Read More Mantra of the Week 10.17.16


Change your Buts into Ands

Working with a coach and practicing coaching myself, I’m keyed into certain triggers that indicate limiting beliefs. I wish I could as easily ctrl+H (replace) my limiting phrases in my real life as easily as I do on my computer. In particular, whenever I hear the word “but” from my clients, who are uniformly amazing folks, I often ask them to check themselves. “But” … Read More Change your Buts into Ands


Mantra week of 10.3.16

I stole this mantra from Jen Sincero. I like the juxtaposition of the need to manifest quickly with the tranquility of the meditating Buddha.

Mantra of the Week

I’ve listened to a lot of CEOs, entrepreneurs, and start-up founders give advice. One theme I heard repeated was the need to be mindful about taking care of themselves, (i.e. sleep more, eat healthy, exercise, meditate etc.) They talk a lot about balancing physical and mental needs – but what I think they are really talking about it energy. Fundamental to my approach to business (and life) … Read More Mantra of the Week