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It’s Been A Minute…

Like many people, the pandemic was an opportunity to pause, take a step back and reflect. Co-Vid disrupted my revenue streams and because of that I decided to go back to corporate consulting. For the most part i’ve enjoyed the work (in addition to the steady paycheck). I’m also fortunate that crappy situations often make the best stories. While I’ve been banking a lot … Read More It’s Been A Minute…

The Future is Here…

“The Future is here… it’s just unevenly distributed.” William Gibson Our society and culture celebrates speed, it encourage us to be the first, early adopters and fast learners. None of my teachers ever pointed out the risk of being ahead of the curve, and the paradoxical need for patience that comes with being quick. Specifically… Others Have to Catch Up If others don’t join … Read More The Future is Here…

“I know you are busy…”

Folks often preface a request with that phrase. Heck I’ve been known to preface a request like that. Maybe it’s the pandemic, or maybe it’s turning forty but the truth is I’m generally not “busy.” That is not to say that I don’t have plenty of work to do and more things to do than I CAN EVER POSSIBLE FINISH EVER. That’s life.  The reason … Read More “I know you are busy…”


Why it really f*cking matters “who started it.”

On the play ground, I’ve always hated when mothers say “it doesn’t matter who started it.” I understand that it is often difficult to unravel and unpack the exact trigger for a fight or an argument — and how an exasperated parent may not want to unpack who started it.  However between you and me – I’ve always found not holding the instigator accountable problematic. One … Read More Why it really f*cking matters “who started it.”

+ A pile of shoes

Mindless Shoes

Under the makeshift desk I have set up in the living room is a pile of shoes. Every so often I need to collect them and return them back to the shoe rack where they belong. They clearly accumulate because I kick them off while writing. The weird thing is …

Tend and Befriend

I was 0 days old when I first heard the term “tend and befriend” as an alternative stress response to fight or flight. Seriously, though it’s a massive shift – it explains my mama bear complex and honestly makes me feel less “weird.” Check out the podcast below for more shit kicking wisdom. I think, this idea is something I’ve always known. Having language … Read More Tend and Befriend



One of the reasons I write is for the accountability. I’m not claiming that I won’t change my mind. In fact quite the opposite, but I do my best to write what I believe is true, at the time I am writing it. For the most part, I think I do a good job – and while I am open to change, and accounting … Read More Accountability

The Joy of Asking WiIw

WiIw or “What if I’m wrong?” Do you ask yourself that question? I do. A lot. I’m not a masochist. The truth is I don’t like being wrong. More accurately I dislike when know-it-alls point out when I (or my team) have missed something obvious. I’m also not a fan of messing up in public or in front of a client. If we can … Read More The Joy of Asking WiIw

+ credit goes to Stefano Pollio on Unsplash

An Invitation from CAnon

I’m excited to announce that I am working with CAnon – a diverse collective of published authors on a shared world collaborative anthology.  As such I have been authorized to invite others to submit a short story for Volume One of the Ghost Virus.  What kind of writers are we looking for? A writer who enjoys writing (and reading) character-driven scifi, horror or speculative fiction, can finish … Read More An Invitation from CAnon

+ Baby Birds

Mind the Click Whirr

I think a lot of about psychological defaults these days. Partly it’s a function of living in the DC-metro area in the middle of an election year – and partly it’s a function of studying leadership and motivation. The rule of reciprocity… Robert Cialdini’s book Influence, is one of the best and most recommended book on the topic of persuasion. It’s worth picking up … Read More Mind the Click Whirr


Writing Advice for Difficult Women

I once asked Joanne Lipman, if writing about hard things, difficult things, things that infuriate you, frustrating things, wrong things … if it ever gets easier.  I was hoping that she, as a seasoned pro, would give me some cheerful encouragement. I was hoping, I think, for a secret, some magic pill for placing emotions in a jar and carrying on. But she didn’t have anything like … Read More Writing Advice for Difficult Women

Rational Thoughts

I was reading Ezra Klein’s “Why We’re Polarized” and I came across a lovely idea, which is that we are not meant to be rational by ourselves. Put another way we are stronger when we take in and listen to multiple points of view. This is certainly something I have found to be true. Recently someone pointed out the root “rational” is “ratio” – … Read More Rational Thoughts