Thank you for taking the time to check out my Kickstarter. I hope you agree that charms, totems, and talismans are wonderful ways to bring a little mindfulness to your every day and keep you focused. I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that you don’t actually need anything beyond your own body to find peace and alignment in your life.

This audio series was inspired by a friend who asked for more information about the chakras and how I use them for health, mindfulness and finding alignment with my purpose.

I’ve created a series of chakra meditations that I’ll be posting all week.  I hope they find you well and help you on your journey towards a more authentic life.

To get started: Find a place to get comfortable, where you can close your eyes and get ready for a bit of chanting (i.e. your parked car, outside, studio etc.)


This M4a offers a general overview 

  1. Getting started with your root chakra
  2. Get creative with your sacral chakra
  3. Light up your solar chakra
  4. Open your heart chakra
  5. Shout out to your throat chakra
  6. Gain insight with your third eye chakra
  7. Reach for the stars with your crown chakra


Feel free to save these to your own computer. They’re yours!