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This is a simple tool to help you find more happiness, productivity in life. It combines the experimental processes of HUMAN CENTERED DESIGN; MINDFULNESS; the theory of CREATIVITY and ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY and the rationality learned from Yale ECONOMICS around decision analysis and GAME THEORY.

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Completing the on-line survey helps us get a better understanding of re-occurring patterns. If you are already familiar with this work, it should only take 5 minutes and is very much appreciated! Below is a sample from a client included in the workbook.

Sample Compass Case Study from Work book

Most FAQ:
What if I don’t know how I feel?

“Listening” to your emotions may seem a bit “woo-woo,” especially from the perspective of our conservative Western culture. There are a variety of techniques that you can experiment with to find the best way to get in touch with your feelings. Personally, I find that yoga, traditional meditations, walking meditations, and a sports mindset practice. Other folks swear by cognitive behavioral therapy, talk therapy, guided meditations, thai chi, transcendental meditation, drawing, writing, and even bullet journalling and walking their dog… any or all of the above can have meditative benefits.

Do your best. Even if you don’t have a mindfulness practice, today. It’s never too late to start. Tap into your curiosity, this is the first step on a larger experiment.

“Hey Girls – How’s the Water?”

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