The “exponential” economy is the confluence of multiple on-going shifts in our economy. It includes a shift in focus from manufacturing to service through to digital & information economies.

Successful companies and entrepreneurs understand Digital transformation is not simply a way to replicate old business models – it is an opportunity to completely redesign them.

The internet makes it possible to share your services at zero marginal cost. The open-source ethos of computer programming makes a powerful and compelling case for cooperation, sharing, and generosity. It is the driving force behind disruptive trends that break down limits and overcome scarcity through information and connection.

To take advantage of exponential tools requires 4 fundamental components:

  • Story-tellingKnow your audience, what they want, and help them get it.
  • Community. Help people connect in authentic meaningful ways.
  • Generosity. Invest in your community for the long term.
  • Smart execution. Tell your story through the channels that work for you and figure out how polished you need to be. Remember done can be better than perfect.

Excited? You should be. This is cool stuff.

Matagi is here to help you be brave and do amazing work, by offering you strategic guidance, templates, and tutorials. It is also here to provide you with inspiration to help you grow your business based on the latest thinking, case studies of folks who are doing it, and mind and energy tools to help you focus, maintain your courage, and be awesome.

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