Matagi is for entrepreneurs, small businesses, start-ups and students who want to do amazing work.  There are lots of sites and resources out there that can help you build your company using the internet. Use whatever works for you.

I’ve included some of that information in cases studies and book reviews. I’ve also blended it with insights into trends (like digital and data) as well as my understanding of economics and organizational behavior.

In business, thinking and acting expansively and generously is often viewed as “naive”,  “counter-intuitive”, or as a “luxury” for companies already doing well. In game theoretical terms, we know (and fear) defectors (non-cooperators) can easily extract a lot of benefit in the short-term. Historically those types of folks have benefited in business because we had no way of tracking that behavior and understanding the full context. My argument is that this is changing for a number of reasons. More and more, research and data studies are making the case that cooperators have intuitively always known, i.e. that cooperation results in longer term success.  I see the open-source ethos of programming culture demonstrating the power of generosity and companies are “discovering” that generosity pays for itself. Generosity is fundamental to individual growth and unlocking creative potential because it aligns the individual with the organization.

Matagi isn’t about business as it’s always been.

Matagi is for folks who want to dive in deep into the flow and build something great.

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The “Exponential” link drills into details on crafting your story, finding and cultivating your community, figuring out what you can share, and tactically how to construct your business model.

Under “Inspiration” I’ve included reviews of books that I think are helpful, case studies of folks who are doing this well, and my point of view, articles on my evolving thoughts on how to succeed in this space and do amazing work.

This short video explains why businesses should think exponentially.

The video gives you an overview of the 4 key components for an exponential business.