Have you ever come across an idea that set your soul on fire?

Perhaps you find yourself telling everyone you can about a book, podcast, or meetup group. Too often however, status quo bias and inertia, trumps good ideas. There is a big difference between knowing something is a great idea, executing on a great idea, and practicing the idea in everyday life.

Book Boggle is a mini-design sprint designed to help you turn inspiration into action.

The process is flexible and can be organized in several ways – with a variety of content types. The basic format is simple:

  • Round One – Participants agree to read a book (or podcast, a video, book chapters).
  • Round Two – Prior to the group meeting participants read and IDEATE actionable ideas inspired by the book, bringing their compiled list to the group meeting
  • Round Three – The ideas are shared and combined and scored (reward quantity, creativity, collaboration)
  • Round Four – The ideas are iterated upon and prototype sprint plans are created (i.e. “Let’s try the GSD wheel process from Radical Candor” or “Let’s experimenting with Deep Work Time Blocks” with our teams for a week”)

Benefits of playing Book Boggle

  • Get the team on the same page with innovative ideas
  • Identify high growth, curious superstars
  • Give creative superstars and rock stars and outlet
  • Practice mini-design thinking hacks
  • Practice innovative and cool ideas

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