The “MiKompass” is a simple method of using emotional awareness to manage yourself and your team with intention.

No technology is required. Building on the work of Professor Mihayli Csikzsentmihayli (AKA Mike C.), the idea is simple the way you feel about work is an important data point in constructing and meaningful work portfolio. It can help you have a conversation around and construct an emotional portfolio that fits your life stage needs, through growth and life and work transitions.

For example: Parents of newborns may seek more work that “fits” in the “Control” category – while another client and parent of elementary students “Bored” with the domestic routine may seek more “Arousal” activities in their work life.

The “MiKompass” exercise framework helps individuals and teams communicate their emotional values and understanding – in order to connect with and manage others.

Workshop Series

Can we run as a lunch time series – full or half day event.

How do you feel?

This module takes participants through each of the 8 emotions. Participants discuss their “default” feelings. How each emotion is characterized and review activities in which they felt each of the emotions and how those emotions may generally emerge through an entire growth cycle. Next, we discuss how many people infer personality based on emotions, rather than the more rational and ultimately more accurate ways. Ending in a mini-hack, where participants ideate and plan ways to get to know their team. The homework is to test out their prototype strategies and report on a shared site.

Get Mo Flow.  8 characteristics of Flow Bright Spot Discussion. After reviewing each of these, participants are asked to write about a time they felt that characteristic. + Power. Participants discuss what about the environment allowed that characteristic to emerge  + Shadow. Discussing times, in the past or present where that characteristic was absent. THE HACK – How might we (as individuals, managers, and teammates) creative more of the 8 characteristics of flow 

Happiness Advantage   The group discusses the individual and collaborative blocks for communicating goals. THE HACK – How can we create a space where employees can honestly communicate what they want.
The Link between Power and Responsibility Discuss how to create a culture that supports collaboration. Discuss the game theory behind why people may become “takers” and what to do as a leader. How to recognize and support both super stars and rock stars. THE HACK – How do we practice accountability and feedback. 
Emotional Portfolio Aggregate team results for the MiKompass (indivual responses will be private). Discuss how it might feel to realize that the majority of people on your team were more or less happy. Discussing emotions with managers.