Wearable Stories for Entrepreneurs – The Scarf Project

The Goal

Produce a scarf design and ideally an actual scarf that illustrates badass business concepts.

The Idea

I’m a novelist and storyteller (in addition to being a reformed analytics consultant and marketer). Stories are evocative, memorable, impactful, and my favorite way of communicating. I’m also an artist and I think it would be cool to illustrate a story on a scarf geared towards bad-ass women entrepreneurs and executives. I have several specific stories, but for the purposes of this project I would like to illustrate one.

Target Audience

Badass women entrepreneurs and coaches who agree with abundance and the exponential economy- because that is not only what the world needs, it is absolutely where we are heading.


They will love these scarves because 1. it’ll be beautiful and 2. it’ll remind them they are amazing entrepreneurs 3. It’s a wearable reminder of their extraordinary power.

Project Team Needed

Phase One – I’d like to work with at least 2 artists/illustrators/designers to illustrate a large scarf. I will provide them with the concept, story, specs. The team will have one week to brainstorm – independently and we’ll meet in person to share ideas and finalize the design.  I expect to silk screen a 3-color prototype and would appreciate additional expertise in Adobe Illustrator and Silk Screening. 

Estimated ~ 8 hours of design work per designer.

Phase Two – Once we have a design we love! We’ll create a Kickstarter and marketing campaign. I’m a marketing professional, but I would love to have enthusiastic teammates join me, contribute their ideas and take this to the next level for this next round.

What team members get.

REFERENCES & EXPERIENCE. Participants will get a credential to be included on their CV, portfolio, LinkedIn, bragging rights etc. There is potential for a testimonial as well.

MONETARY. Since this is a for-profit venture, fair market compensation for design team will be awarded based on project success. Terms will be discussed and agreed upon prior to the commencement of any work.

Will there be the opportunity for follow-on work?

I absolutely expect to produce more scarves within the next year – and would love to find designers to continue this project with.