Putting together your pitch

What is a pitch? Your pitch is a micro-business plan. If you are like most people I’ve worked with, your first inclination when you hear that is to freak. Please don’t.  This is micro incubation after all, we’re going to keep it short and sweet – treading the efficiency curve between done and great.  You will want to put in enough effort to convince 3-6 people of the brilliance and general awesomeness of your idea – but you’ll also have the in-person events where you can “whip up” enthusiasm.

As more example get put up, you can check out other ideas. In this example, I’ve kept it to:

  • The Goal (What will success look like).
  • The Idea (Problem / Solution)
  • Target Audience / Market & Why they will love it
  • Project Team Needed to make this happen
  • Why they will love this project
  • Whether there is an opportunity for follow-on work
  • Project Plan / Timing (generally in person time should be kept to one day)

Depending on the kind of project this exercise will roll neatly and align with your business pitch. If you are a designer you’ll want to avoid the temptation to over think and overwrite the plan. The reason? Because you should be out there in the world working the plan, and when you do that you’re testing, iterating, changing and updating, which means you’ll just have to re-write it all anyway.

The Ten Topics that a Venture Capitalist Cares About (according to Guy Kawasaki)

  1. Problem
  2. Solution
  3. Business model
  4. Tech / Magic
  5. Marketing & Sales
  6. Competition
  7. Team
  8. Projections & Milestone
  9. Status and Timeline
  10. Summary and Call to Action

Ready to get started with your idea?

Submit your pitch idea at least two weeks before the next live event. Our team will review it  and contact you if we have any questions or to inform you that it is live and ready to go! You can start soliciting teammates at the next live event or on the Mastermind group.