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Applied Flow: The Book

In 2020, in the middle of Co-Vid I published my first book. Applied Flow. It is said that one of the reasons we write is to figure out what we think. That was certainly true for me. Writing a book – much like reading a book, much like the characters voyaging through the pages is a journey. Three years later, I am still astonished … Read More Applied Flow: The Book


Your Flow Personality

In Chapter 6, the Shape of Emotions, I wrote about 5 Flow Personality types I found that people gravitate towards. Why Your Flow Shape Matters Understanding our Flow Personality can give us a quick intuitive snapshot into the hidden assumptions that may be blocking our flow, collectively and as individuals. It is especially useful for identifying friction points and misunderstandings – and help us … Read More Your Flow Personality


Event Facilitation

Graphic facilitation and illustration is a way to document meetings and create a visual artifact of key learnings. Uses for Graphic Illustrations: Promote Learning and Recall For use in External Marketing materials and proposals For use in Training As visual reminders 2020 Power to Fly Diversity ReBoot Summit (Virtual) 2017 TEDx Indianapolis Women