Yoga Nidra recording

Hello Friends

This is a challenging time for some of you. Some of you may feel unsettled or disrupted or anxious. Some of you may be enjoying this time, using it to dig into new learning and self-care opportunities. Wherever you are on that spectrum (and yes, both, either and neither are all options) – I hope you find this a useful and restorative guided nidra.

Some thoughts about creating your space. 

  • I like to do yoga Nidra in bed, reclining.
  • You can do it to prepare for sleep or in place of a quick nap.
  • I find freshly laundered cotton sheets with a scent, like lavender, is nice.
  • I like using a blanket and being warm – but you may like an open window. Do what makes you comfortable.
  • You may find cleaning your space and dusting, helps you to relax.
  • Some times I leave my hands by my side and sometimes I rest one hand on my heart chakra and one on my belly.
  • You may find it nice to place a bolster or pillow under your knees, use what you have to get comfortable.
  • Be mindful of keeping electronics by the bed – blue light from cell phones may disrupt your sleep.

This particular recording returns to waking – if you fall asleep, trust your body’s wisdom. It knows what it needs. There is no need to stress if you “lose time”. Trust that when you are fully conscious and intentional – you do more in less time and can “find” and even make more time- that is the practice.

As you begin this practice or any form of meditation – you may also notice creative ideas bursting into your awareness. You can choose to keep a journal handy if you want to write them down. That is ok, I will not tell the yoga police.

Inspiration is potential energy, unmanifested needs making themselves known to creatives and those with open hearts. Over time, you may hear inspiration call, but you do not have to answer immediately. Simply wish it well, urge it on to a new creator, or bid it return when you are ready to honor it properly. 

For now however, it is time to relax your mind, body, heart and spirit.

Yoga Nidra recording

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