Monday Yoga Flow – 9:15 Energy Club Arlington, VA

Tuesday Rise and Shine Yoga All Levels – 6 AM Energy Club Arlington, VA
A gradual rolling class designed to help you unfold and prepare for the day.

Creative Flow Yoga

Creative Flow Yoga is both a practice and community, bringing together artists and creatives in a gentle fluid practice that mirrors the creative cycle.

How the class is structured (and why)

It begins with a meditative yin practice, exploring and creating space internally. Afterward, we gently surface through a transition, acknowledging and exploring what has changed before we move through an easy vinyasa converging and diverging physically in a gentle easy flow, like waves, or the universal chant of OM.

We know the mind follows the body, just as the body follows the mind and the creative process is an ongoing cycle of divergent and convergent connections.

The class culminates in an open savasana, for participants to wonder, wander and explore the results.

What brought me here.

First I’d like to acknowledge that this flow was a collaboration between me and Alex Lytle, one of my YTT classmates and fellow artist, with a deeply soulful, curious and beautiful practice, who has studied the myofascial system both as a yogi and a massage therapist.

It seems a little silly to point out that practicing Yoga affects every aspect of life. Yoga literally means “yoking” as in to align the Mind, Body, and Spirit. I didn’t always understand and feel, what yoga could mean, despite hearing repeatedly all the other yoga mumbo jumbo for years.

I’ve practiced yoga off and on since 2000 and really appreciated the stretching as a complement to playing competitive field sports and running. Like many Americans, I found yoga through my gym, and it was all about body work.

When I started to go to Yoga to the People in Williamsburg Brooklyn, things started to change. Because it was donation based, I could go as often as I wanted. New York is an incredibly creative place, practicing with so many artists, sharing that energy opened something up for me. Class often ended with a recitation or quote from a poem. I’ve never had such amazing savasanas. In particular, I remember this quote by Donald Miller hitting me at just the right time.

You didn’t think joy could change a person, did you? Joy is what you feel when the conflict is over. But it’s conflict that changes a person... You put your characters through hell. You put them through hell. That’s the only way we change. 

After that, I was hooked.


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