Jen’s book “You are a BadAss” was given to me last Christmas. After collecting dust on my bookshelf for a couple months I finally read it – and it was awesome.

There are tons of success / life coach / self-help books out there, many of them say the same thing, but if you are like me, there is a difference between KNOWING what you need to do and DOING what you need to do. Maybe I needed messages from the universe to be in my particular dialect (i.e. sassy skeptic) or maybe it was just the straw that broke the camel’s back, whichever it was, Jen’s brand of woo-hoo helped shake me out of my rut.

What she does right

Jen has that she has her story down. She is so very authentic!!! She is funny irreverent and unapologetically original. She is not for everyone (um hello “Badass” pretty much filters out the stick-in-the-muds) but the people who gravitate to her, love her, and for good reason. She reminds them that they are not alone and she makes the voodoo of the cult of positivity accessible. She is also comfortable being vulnerable, telling her story and connecting with her community.

She is incredibly generous sharing her ideas and inspiration, especially her videos via social media.


In addition, she provides opportunities to her community to buy into more directed classes and connect with a carefully curated community. For example, after reading her book I decided to fork over $500 for an 8-week class, sort of a semi-DIY life coach. Something I normally NEVER, but the timing was perfect, I had just quit my corporate job and my intuition told me that getting access to Jen’s workshop for 8 weeks would help my energy level and just feel good. I can report the Facebook community alone has been worth is based on all the freaking positive energy. It does what a good community should i.e. introduce people with shared interests help them help themselves.

Below are links to various tactics, by no means exhaustive – just to give you a taste of what she does. She also partners and has participated on other people’s podcasts.

Basically, she is kicking ass at being a bad ass. (Wow that is a terrible mixed metaphor.)

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