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Change your Buts into Ands

Working with a coach and practicing coaching myself, I’m keyed into certain triggers that indicate limiting beliefs. I wish I could as easily ctrl+H (replace) my limiting phrases in my real life as easily as I do on my computer. In particular, whenever I hear the word “but” from my clients, who are uniformly amazing folks, I often ask them to check themselves. “But” … Read More Change your Buts into Ands

Don’t sweat your website

So you’ve decided you need a website. The good news is it can take as much or as little time as you want. You can pay someone to do it for you, but here is how I built  It took me about 30 hours spread out over two and a half weeks. That included some missteps and getting up on the learning curve … Read More Don’t sweat your website

Mantra of the Week

I’ve listened to a lot of CEOs, entrepreneurs, and start-up founders give advice. One theme I heard repeated was the need to be mindful about taking care of themselves, (i.e. sleep more, eat healthy, exercise, meditate etc.) They talk a lot about balancing physical and mental needs – but what I think they are really talking about it energy. Fundamental to my approach to business (and life) … Read More Mantra of the Week

Video Tutorial: Telling a Story to make your point

In 2015, I was working on creating a strategy to “jazz” up our corporate presentations and conferences. In the course of doing a bit of research, I discovered that everything I had learned (and enjoyed) about creative writing was applicable to creating compelling presentations. This brief video employs many of those story-telling techniques to demonstrate how to tell a story and why it’s important. For … Read More Video Tutorial: Telling a Story to make your point


Case Study: Jen Sincero, Professional Badass

Jen’s book “You are a BadAss” was given to me last Christmas. After collecting dust on my bookshelf for a couple months I finally read it – and it was awesome. There are tons of success / life coach / self-help books out there, many of them say the same thing, but if you are like me, there is a difference between KNOWING what … Read More Case Study: Jen Sincero, Professional Badass

Writing Good* (A Crash Course)

I pulled together this video based on some writing efficiency books I enjoyed. If you have the time go ahead and grab those books. Rachel Aaron’s 2K to 10K Monica Leonelle’s Productivity Pack The one thing I don’t say in the video (because most writers hear it repeatedly) is that writing is a skill. Like all skills (coding, care repair, cooking etc.) you get better with … Read More Writing Good* (A Crash Course)

The BS of Entitlement

For a long time, I’ve struggled with the word “entitled.” If you’ve read Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers” you understand how middle-class families instill a positive sense of entitlement into their kids. In this context “entitlement” seems like a good thing. On a gut level, however, this has never sat well with me. While I went to two elite private institutions (Yale and Haverford), my dad worked construction … Read More The BS of Entitlement